Mount Kenya Guide

John Mukuruma Ndichu


A fixed price cannot be provided here, as it depends on the choices we make for your specific trip. Please send me an email with your thoughts on the trip and I will get back to you with a suggested itinerary and price.


To give you a price estimate, please provide information about:

- The number of people participating in the trek.

- The number of days you have available.

- Where the trip should start and end (pick-up and drop-off at Nairobi airport, Nairobi downtown, or another place).

- On the mountain, the conditions are alike for all, but before and after, consider whether your trip should be low-budget (less convenient transportation and hotels), or if you are prepared to pay more for better hotels and faster transportation.


As a minimum, the crew comprises the guide, a cook and a porter, and this is not negotiable. For larger parties, a larger crew will be arranged for.




Please be aware that the tips you present to the crew members at the end of the trek are a large part of their salary and must therefore be considered mandatory. The amount to tip depends on the length of the trip and the size of your group and, to some extent, on the size of your wallet. Suggested tipping are: 15-25$/day for guides and 10-15$/day for cooks and porters.