Mount Kenya Guide

John Mukuruma Ndichu


Physical requirements

Before attempting to climb Mount Kenya, consider that days:

- Involve 8-12km of walking along rough paths.

- Include a lot of uphill and downhill hiking.

- May be in rain and wet conditions.

- Are often at freezing temperatures at high altitudes.


Therefore, you have to be in decent shape for a trip to Mount Kenya.


Having said that, it should be noted that the trek to Point Lenana is not a technically difficult trek and scrambling is only needed in a few places.


If you have not been at high altitudes before (Point Lenana is at 4985meters above sea level), expect your body to react in strange ways. This is further described in some of the links. If you react strongly to high altitudes, we may abort the attempt to reach Point Lenana. However, our suggested itineraries always attempt to allow enough days to ensure a reasonable acclimatization to the conditions.